Marco Zonka


World Music for World Peace & Freedom Exponent & Enthusiast;

Music for Movement performer & actuator; vocalese & percussive groove-wave creator; live Ecstatic Dance, World-Music/Trance-Dance Events & Occasions with Loop-J Zonk;

Celebratory & Ceremonial use of drum, voice and music Teacher/Facilitator; Universal “Spoken-Word” Language of Dance, Rhythm & Music play-shops; Creative-project Collaborator/Consultant;

Inventor and product development; Rent-a-brain-storm-consultant, will sign non-disclosures and help breathe fresh light and inspiration into your project (free initial consult to qualify);

Blogger for truth, freedom, human rights and civil liberties; Defender of Common Law based Constitutional Law/Natural Law;

Actor/Stand-Up Comic channeling my shadow-self (or am I his shadow-self?) “Diablo”;

Advocate of creative-collaborations as engines of liberty and creativity;

Lover and admirer of the Creator and his/her creatures and designs.

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Of Weaving & being Woven


Throughout my life I have been drawn to acoustic instrumental and vocal music from all over the world, particularly North India, North Africa, the Near and Middle East, Eastern Europe and Celtic music, to name a few.

All of these musical lineages find expression in varying degrees throughout my musical offerings, and come forth (or not) purely by the grace of “the muses” --those inexplicable inner creative forces that inspire the birth of song.

 I have been thrilled to have studied with some of the greatest living exponents of classical Indian music and drumming, including the revered maestros Ali Akbar KhanAllah RakhaZakir Hussain, and  Swapan Chaudhuri, at the Ali Akbar College of Music in California.  I perform as an accompanist and soloist on tabla, bendir, tar, udu, conga, djembe, and other “finger-style” drums, accompanying myself on vocals, or other singers and/or instrumentalists of many kinds and styles, including classical Indian, Celtic, Kirtan, Eastern European, Bulgarian, Early and Medieval music, as well as modern contemporary and original singer-songwriter styles, including my own. In performance I prefer live ensemble accompaniment, but I also use a looping station and synthesizers to flesh out my songs when performing live as a soloist and/or in ensemble.

 I toured much of the West Coast of America and British Columbia with sitar Maestros Shivnath Mishra and his son Deobrat Mishra for many years, traveled and studied with them in India at their Academy of Classical Indian Music, very much alive and well near the Ganga River in the Holy City of Varanasi/Benares.

Other exponents of contemporary and traditional sacred world music I have played and performed with include Ashana, Babukishan Das Baul, Snatam Kaur, Gina Sala, Jaya Lakshmi, Shanti Shivani, Fariba Heyraneh, Lakshmi Devi, and many others.

I write and play and participate in music that uplifts the heart and soul, and inspires one into deep inner reflection and/or ecstatic movement and dance, ideally both! While listening to my music I hope you will be “moved by the muses” both within and without!

Sincerely, Marco Zonka