Hoop & Song


"Hoop & Song"

 Vocal, Harmonic & Rhythmic techniques with voice & "Hoop-Drum" (frame-drum) for music, dance & movement,celebrations & ceremony.


 "Hoop & Song"

“Hoop-drum" (frame-drum) & Song: Vocal & harmonic techniques with voice & drum for music, dance & celebratory/ceremonial movement & musical arts

From pre-Hellenic Greece & Pagan Europe to ancient native American cultures, hoop drums (frame-drums) have been integral to song, dance & spiritual experience in walkingprayer/moving-circle celebrations & ceremonies throughout the ancient worlds.

Known in medieval Europe and pagan prehistorical times, and reinvigorated by the influence of Islamic culture on medieval & renaissance Europe , hoop drums have been a quintessential drum of priestess & bard, Shaman &Troubadour, throughout the ancient world, East & West.

In Egyptian hieroglyphic the symbol for “joy”is a woman playing hoop drum , revered for it's spiritual power to influence & transform consciousness.

An instrument for song & voice, physically sympathetic harmonic-overtones “resounding” from a human voice singing into a well-tuned “membranophone” create a natural “harmonic-overtone series” –a natural harmonic effect physically amplified by the membranes tensile & responsive harmonic skin-- and resonating an echoing & 'chorusing' effect, evoking/invoking the “voices of the muse”.

And a hoop-drum's light & lithe nature lends itself to a life of movement, remembrance & celebration via music & dance. In a collaborative environment of exploration and improvisation, a variety of evocative rhythms, chants & “sacred songs” are played with & explored. Simple walking-prayer movements are developed and expanded upon.An atmosphere of reverence for the sacred living world is encouraged.


Composer, percussionist & accompanist for occidental & oriental dance and world music performance or recording, Zonka offers “Tongues&Tala: language of dance, drum & song play-shops" & “Walking Prayer/Circle-Song” celebratory/ceremonial arts   

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More About "Hoop & Song "

playshops & events:

These events are stand-alone one day or 2-day play-shops for people interested in actively recreating and reinventing this ancient form of drumming for voice and dance, and other movement arts, and developing its integral use with community celebrations and music & movement art-based spiritual experience.

Many people who no longer (if ever) "go to church" none-the-less somtimes feel they are missing some form of community spiritual experience in their personal and community life, but do not want to receive it "attached to" a particular dogma or "religion". Circle-Dances with sacred Songs recreates an authentic spiritual community experience, using one of the oldest and most universal forms of celebration and spontaneous worship, enjoyed and practiced by cultures all over the world. 

A second day of this playshop is focused on how each participant, or the group as a whole, can create and choreograph their own circle-dance/sacred-song movement, and revive of this ancient ceremonal and celebratory art for use and enjoyment among their own community and friends.

Learning about and actively creating and recreating the art of community "moving song circles" we learn new ways to actively participate in celebrating whatever it is we care to celebrate; high holy holidays, full moons, solstice/equinox, rites of passage, etc.

For more information about this and other play-shops for dance, music and song, contact me at marco@zonka.org